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A personal service

Based on the Isle of Man,  Aviation Type Training Services Limited – www.attservices.co.uk (Isle of Man Company Registry No.127478C) has an emphasis on personal service.

Liaising with excellent licenced 147 training providers and professional training organisations- ATTS is best placed to enable training for all 145 companies, MRO’s, Aviation managers, ground crew, cabin crew and contractors alike.  We provide a cost effective service for advertising and marketing aviation courses and jobs- enabling the training to take place smoothly or your vacancy filled fast- which saves you time and therefore money.

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Our customers need to adapt to the ever changing market place, and inevitably this means training staff. If you’re tired of shopping for you’re training- ask us to help- if your bored of advertising your training- ask us to help.


A note for training providers;
Kindly note- ATTS Limited do NOT advertise courses on a commission only basis! Presently, any course enquiries regarding the courses listed are passed to the course owners, unless- a ‘strange’ enquiry comes in which is then passed to those that have the capability of undertaking the training, this is all done free for those that have their courses listed in the site, not on a commission basis. Simply- If your course and company is not listed- we will not refer to you.

We hope the video explains a little more; title=<"Video explanation">

A little more description of what we do is here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBz7LgpcQ38&feature=youtu.be&a=


Our simple pricing structure is highlighted by our low rates.
We are not a recruitment agency. We are an interactive online job board exclusively for the aviation industry but we take it one step further and actively market your vacancy both to our registered Job seekers and on many other forums to ensure your position is filled.

Allows your vacancy to be advertised until it is filled! Watch us; https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3sc84f2jfpqtzj/animoto_1080p%20%282%29.mp4

While we believe the actions of some companies continually emailing everyone to ‘ask permission’ to stay on a mailing list is in itself a breach of GDPR, there does appear to have been an increase in ‘GDPR professionals’ offering their ‘view’ of the GDPR legislation. While some companies are making considerable money ‘advising’ other companies, we reserve the right to amend our policy and privacy notice once the meat of information has been added to the bones of GDPR legislation.

GDPR Privacy Notice
This privacy notice tells you about the information we collect from you in order to provide you details of our partners Training Courses. In collecting this information, we are acting as a data controller and, by law, we are required to provide you with information about us, about why and how we use your data, and about the rights you have over your data.

Who are we?
We are ATTServices (Aviation Type Training Services). Our company address is 7, Woodbourne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3HH. You can contact us by post at the above address, by email at admin@attservices.co.uk or by telephone on +44 (0)1624 497763.
We are not required to have a data protection officer, so any enquiries about our use of your personal data should be addressed to the contact details above.

What personal data do we collect?
In order to advise you of upcoming training courses, we collect your Name and E-Mail address.

Why do we collect this information?
We will use this information to advise you of upcoming training courses which may be of interest to you. The registration on our website is intended to prevent spammers joining our website- only humans are allowed.

What do we do with your information?
Your information is stored in our system and is not shared with any third parties. We will not use the information to make any automated decisions that might affect you. Any emails we send onto training providers are copied into the email address you provided. We do not send direct mailshots or spam posts to your email address.

How long do we keep your information for?
Your information is kept for a maximum of five years or as long as you continue to consent to receive communications in relation to our training courses.

Your rights over your information
By law, you can ask us what information we hold about you, and you can ask us to correct it if it is inaccurate.
You can also ask for it to be erased and you can ask for us to give you a copy of the information.
You can also ask us to stop using your information – the simplest way to do this is to withdraw your consent, which you can do at any time, either by emailing us at admin@attservices.co.uk or by, writing us using the contact details above.

Your right to complain
If you have a complaint about our use of your information, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website at https://www.inforights.im/ or write to them at:
Isle of Man Information Commissioner
Prospect House,
Prospect Hill,
IM1 1ET,
United Kingdom


“Mark’s enthusiasm and experience has provided an excellent portal for advertising courses worldwide. From the very outset he has worked tirelessly to make this new venture a success, for both ATTS and its customers. Whereas other similar sites expect the client to enter its own details, Mark has provided a very personal service, personally entering all course data received from clients, to maintain a consistent and user friendly experience for those seeking training.”
Peter Farrow FHEA, Chief Executive and Executive Director
Air Service Training http://www.airservicetraining.co.uk/

“ATTS has helped Advanced Aircraft Training Ltd expand its business both in the UK and abroad by successfully advertising various courses & getting our name more established in our highly competitive marketplace. ATTS’ network is second to none and is priceless to a business such as hours.
Nicholas Taylor – Contracts Manager, Advanced Aircraft Training Ltd. +44 1353 666288” http://www.advancedat.co.uk/

“Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering has been enjoying the great services of ATTService from day one, they started their business. Using ATTservice guarantees a good representation of the training solutions we offer, but that is not all. They arrange contacts with potential clients that could offer new opportunities and represent your business like it is theirs: with great effort and dedication. We at Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering are very proud to work with ATTServices and hope to be represented by them for many more years.”
Best regards, Danny Goergan
Managing Director HACE- http://www.hace-online.nl/webshop/

Include your aviation training now in www.attservices.co.uk contact us today – admin@attservices.co.uk
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